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Who rules the world?


I think it was Beyonce that had the song ‘Who rules the world?’. She also had ‘Independent Women’. How right she was!

Today I was scrolling through some photos on the phone to tie this back to my latest blog post. If you look in the background of this picture taken in January 2015, I would say that 75% + are women.

These are women who have taken the step to help other people’s lives, improve their own health and ultimately obtain financial freedom. And they all can do it!

From being in attendance that day that there is all  types of demographics represented. Everyone presented with the same opportunity! I believe that women are great when it comes to our business because they simply share information and they like helping others.

Men on the other hand have ego’s when it comes down to it and more than likely don’t like being told there is a far better way of achieving financial independence.

I mention financial independence above and if watch the full link, you might just be pleasantly surprised ‘Who we are’. 

So if you know any hard working women or hard working men out there, get in touch!


Junk Food Kids!

Juice plus premium

Junk Food Kids

I have recently  finished a documentary on TV called Junk Food Kids and I am quite shocked really. The name says it all about a documentary set in the UK where childhood obesity is on the rise.

The mother and her children walk around the supermarket and eat their sushi and sandwiches and share an apple juice. When it comes to the crisp aisle, a 20 pack was purchased for convenience and cost.


The same mother attempting an Oscar winning performance saying her heart is breaking seeing her daughter ‘Talula’ suffer. Of course, the tears came from the mother who refused to take any blame for her child’s obesity. She then asks Talula to run upstairs and fetch her some tissue. Talula responds that she can get the tissue downstairs. Is taking the easy option rubbing off on Talula? Irony? Another child had 75% of his baby teeth removed and Talula suffered terrible tooth decay also. This should never happen  and costing the NHS in the United Kingdom millions of pounds.

In Ireland, we have a programme called Operation Transformation. This starts around the beginning of the year. A PE teacher was assigned to a specific school to get the kids more active. In doing so, there was marked improvements in the behaviour and fitness of the children noted by the teachers and professors involved.Yet,the powers that be will only recommend that the children complete only 45 minutes of physical activity per week. Surely this is not enough!

Who to blame?

Personally, I think it is a combination of the supermarkets, the schools, the manufacturer of products and the parents. Ultimately, it lies with the parents as they can select what goes into a child’s mouth.

What can be done?

A combination of both good food and exercise is the simple solution. A diet enriched in fruits,vegetables and berries with plenty of water and ditching highly processed food.

The Juice Plus company is doing something about it as we try and inspire healthy living across the world! .Children can receive the product for free. The benefits and the information is in the link below.

What Juice Plus+ can do for?

The answer to that is I don’t know what you will experience. Would you notice a change in your body composition after lifting weights for one week?

There is no quick fix with nutrition. Subtle changes may be noticed.

Our bodies are an amazing thing in that we can generate new healthy cells from the nutrition we put into it. We are what we eat!

Now I don’t  know what you will experience but others may notice the difference in you.

Some of the most common things people experience after a prolonged period on the products are:
-More alert
-More Energy
-More regularity
-Better digestion
-Better appetite
-Better sleep
-Need less sleep
-Wake up earlier
-Less urge to snack
-Less pain
-Hair grows faster /stronger
-Look better
-Clearer eyes
-Easier to quit smoking
-Better handle stress
-Reduced arthritis pain
-Lower blood pressure
-Less desire for sweets
-Better recovery after work out
-Higher athletic performance
-Faster recovery after injury/surgery
-Lower cholesterol
-Desire more fruits and vegetables
-Weight loss
-Weight gain
-Better skin tone
-Improved blood sugar regulation
-Reduced allergy/sinus problems
-Fewer headaches

Your health is your wealth and you can control it!

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Your Ideal Job?

We attended a workshop yesterday in Dublin with some of the best leaders in Ireland and the following question came up – “What would your dream job entail?” Numerous answers were produced from around the floor and the list grew quite quickly.
We all want the following in life and our careers but how many of us really have it?

– Work your own hours
– No Boss
– Travel
– Stress Free
– Good money
– Fun
– No commute
– Self Development
– Education
– Advancement/Progression
– Unlimited Salary
– Support
– Promotion
– Flexibility
– Equality

And as we moved on to another topic, I reflected on all of the above and thought that more people need to here about this. The Juice Plus+ personal franchise gives you all of the above and much much more.

Your own personal franchise with some of the best mentors in the business for €60, $50 or £50 is quite incredible really.


Like to travel?

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk to complete strangers about an idea or an opportunity that you know will change their life for the better.
We all know how social media is changing how we do business and how to reach others. At present, I am still trying to differentiate what works best. I could list advantages and disadvantages of each. In my time with the company, I have had numerous strange requests. Some funny and some strange! I guess you are going to get that in the online world.
Getting the general public to understand that they can “own their life” is something we are trying to teach.
I personally always thought that I’d go to school, college, work and retire at 65 (like most of us). But I know now there is a far better way!

Technology is advancing and taking the place of humans. Companies are looking for cheaper economies to move their markets to. I could go on and on! This is why I believe everyone should have a “Plan B” in life.

If I may use the example of a supermarket where Sarah sits on the till but wants more from her job in the supermarket. Realistically, will Sarah ever be CEO of the company? The answer to that is no, she may get to Area Manager or Regional Manager at best.

Our opportunity is equal in that it allows Sarah to start at the bottom and achieve whatever she wants out of her business. Whether you are a doctor or a teacher or a nurse, you start at the bottom but can reach the very top! And guess what, you will be helped every step of the way!

You are the only factor stopping you creating a fantastic future for you and your family!