An ordinary man!

Monday last I was in the company of a millionaire in Dublin in relation to a business we are both involved in.
I was working in the city centre which was pretty close to where he had his meeting arranged. I arrived  early and was met by him and a few of his team members.
He asked my position  in the company and I told him my story. It was very similar to his own a number of years back.
With a white board and marker, he drew out simple  steps  that has made him so successful. I have seen this before many times through online presentations and face to face meetings. The fact of the matter is it is very very simple. Eureka  moment! More people need to see this and I am the man that can teach people this.
I took down notes and asked a number of questions. I spoke to him like I had known him for a long time and he was extremely helpful. Whilst talking to him, he mentioned that Dublin or Ireland or parts of Europe is the exact same as the United Kingdom 2/3 years ago. This man earns a high 5 figure monthly income wage and 12 people attended this event. His events in the UK  hold 2000-3000 people.
More amazing is that anyone can achieve  what this man has done and more!
Will you be the next success story?


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