Your Ideal Job?

We attended a workshop yesterday in Dublin with some of the best leaders in Ireland and the following question came up – “What would your dream job entail?” Numerous answers were produced from around the floor and the list grew quite quickly.
We all want the following in life and our careers but how many of us really have it?

– Work your own hours
– No Boss
– Travel
– Stress Free
– Good money
– Fun
– No commute
– Self Development
– Education
– Advancement/Progression
– Unlimited Salary
– Support
– Promotion
– Flexibility
– Equality

And as we moved on to another topic, I reflected on all of the above and thought that more people need to here about this. The Juice Plus+ personal franchise gives you all of the above and much much more.

Your own personal franchise with some of the best mentors in the business for €60, $50 or £50 is quite incredible really.